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CTO Recommendation / Testimonial (2020) - ZOE & TFN

by Hawke Robinson published Sep 04, 2017 03:10 PM, last modified Aug 13, 2020 12:42 PM
From Ben Dobyns, CEO of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and COO of The Fantasy Network, August 11th, 2020. I can provide serious employers with a copy of the original full letter upon request.

11 August 2020

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing today to offer my unequivocable endorsement of Hawke Robinson’s skills as an experienced, world-class Chief Technology Officer.

A high-level corporate officer for many years, Mr. Robinson subsequently dedicated many years of his life to building a global non-profit that has advanced research in its field by significant margins, as well as helping countless individuals with cutting-edge trauma therapy.

As the founder of a successful tech startup, The Fantasy Network, I credit our success to the enterprise-level knowledge, support, and experience that Mr. Robinson brought to our company. His ability to design well-documented, scalable solutions that meet new and emerging needs is a gift to whomever hires or contracts him. It is clear from the quality of his work, his dedication, and his commitment that Mr. Robinson has, during his tenure running a non-profit, not only retained the technical and communication skills that make him a phenomenal executive hire but has also grown as a leader and visionary.

There are very few CTOs who possess not only the ability to execute complex technical tasks, but the high-level “soft” knowledge that maintains team cohesion, communication with non-technical partners, and essential support in investor pitch meetings. Mr. Robinson is one of them. Sincerely,

Ben Dobyns