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2002/07 to 2004/01 - Chief Technology Officer (CTO). MaladNet Wireless ISP

by Hawke Robinson published Sep 06, 2016 05:15 PM, last modified Nov 21, 2023 11:31 PM
Web resume of work experience at MaladNet d.b.a.

2002, July to 2004, January

CIO/CTO/CSO, President, SysAdmin, NetAdmin, Webmaster, Wireless Technician

MaladNet Wireless Internet Services Provider d.b.a. - (Dev 2 Dev Portal LLC services)

17 Bannock St., Malad, ID, 83252, USA

DESCRIPTION:  Provided services to home users, businesses, government, and medical facilities. Supported over 100 users per tower at peak with reliable high speed access. Included mission-critical services for medical clinics and hospitals. Sold use of inventions and assets to Hess Pumice and, while retaining rights to intellectual property.



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Statistics, Roles, & Responsibilities


ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Designed and custom manufactured completely self-supported solar-and-wind-powered wireless Internet tower systems providing connectivity, relay/repeater, and full monitoring of voltage, temperature, traffic, and physical intrusion detection and motion activated video all on solar powered/battery operated system on mountainside. Provided up to T1 service to each location. Full traffic usage tracking and reporting, filtered content and email upon request, bandwidth shaping, fail-over connections, website hosting and design, support services. Trained multiple installation and support technicians.  Provided broadband wireless Internet services to entire valley in 8 mile by 12 mile coverage area. Provided services to home users, businesses, government, and medical facilities. 

Temperature/climate controlled units designed and modified to withstand winters with several feet of snow and temperatures below -20f and summers over +112f (shade) and over 140f (radiant).


Colo servers at Hurricane Electric, Xmission, Oklahoma, and our own dedicated server farm (built from scratch), in Malad City Idaho, later with additional servers in Idaho Falls, ID.

TECHNOLOGIES USED: Cisco, T1, UUnet, WorldCom, Albion Telephone Company (ATC), SNMP, Etherape, tcpdump, nmap, IRC, hybserv, hybrid. Java, PHP, Python, and Perl programming. MySQL and PostGreSQL databases. Novell eDirectory, Apache, SSL, MRTG, SNMP, SMTP, POP3, Qmail, Tripwire, iptables, pf, etherreal, etherape, various other IDS technologies (not disclosed), CuSeeMe client and reflectors for full audio/video conferencing with full duplex multi-user simultaneous meetings, PPTP and IPSec VPNs, PostNuke, PHPNuke, Zope, Jserv, Tomcat. RADIUS, LEAP, 802.1x, MAC and IP access control. Servers: Linux Redhat, Debian Linux, OpenBSD, Trusted Solaris 6 & 7. Supported user platforms: Windows 3.x/9x/Me/NT/w2k/XP, Mac OS 8x/9x/Xx, Linux (several distros), Solaris 6/7/8/9. 802.11b & g and 802.11a 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz wireless. Cisco Aironet Aps and bridges (3x0 and 1x00 series), 3Com, Intel, D-link, Hyperlink, Fab-corp, Linksys, and many other wireless companies' technologies for clients, bridges, and Aps. Amplifiers, high gain antennae (sector, omni, pad, and parabolic), LMR 400 and 240 custom coax and fittings.