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1998/06 - 1999/08. Systems, Network, & Security Administrator. Utah State Department of Technology Services

by Hawke Robinson published Sep 07, 2016 07:05 PM, last modified Nov 21, 2023 11:34 PM
Web resume of Hawke Robinson's work experience at the Utah Department of Technical Services through ITI.

Head WAN/LAN Network Administrator
Head Systems Head Administrator
Security and Firewall Administrator
Webmaster/Programmer/Web-Designer/Database Administrator
Salaried Employee
Sybase and MS-SQL Database Administrator
Oracle Assistant DBA
June 1998-August 1999
ITI (Information Technology International)
965 East Murray-Holladay Rd.
Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 268-8600


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Statistics, Roles, & Responsibilities




Network administration, website development, Java programming, server and workstation support. Administer multi-site corporate email using Exchange and web-based OWA (Outlook Web Access) tools. Using Java (JDK 1x & 2), created various useful network administration and monitoring applications (Intranet/Internet Level). Maintain client site networks (LAN's, WAN's, Intranets, & VPNs). Redesign, overhaul, and maintain entire company's multi-state (Utah, New Mexico, & Arizona) networks. Troubleshoot system and network LAN/WAN/RAS/Intranet issues. Develop, implement, program, and maintain customer support procedures, apps, systems & databases (using Java and/or Silverstream). Elected as Administrator for Utah Silverstream User's Group. Order, configure and help support ADSL, ISDN, and T1 lines for company and clients.
Mentored/trained various aspiring network technicians as interns.
Used the following applications and operating systems regularly:
SilverStream Application Server 1x & 2x, Sybase Adaptive Server, Oracle Server 7.3 and 8 & 8i, Sybase SQL Anywhere, JConnect (JDBC), ODBC connections, Solaris 2.51/2.6/2.7, Linux Slackware/Redhat/Debian, FreeBSD, Windows NT Workstation/Server/Enterprise, Windows 95, IIS 4.0, MS SQL 6.5 and 7.0, Netware 4.11 and Netware Web Server, Netware LDAP server, Apache Web Server, Netscape Enterprise Web Server, PC Anywhere, VNC, Symantec Café, jBuilder.