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2000 to 2002 - MightyWords Inc.

by Hawke Robinson published Sep 06, 2016 09:55 PM, last modified Sep 06, 2016 09:52 PM
Web resume of work experience at MightyWords Incorporated (since acquired by Barnes & Noble).

2000, September to 2002, February.
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) / Chief Security Officer (CSO) (salaried employee).
MightyWords Inc. (A division “spin-off” from Fatbrain) (since acquired by Barnes & Noble).
2550 Walsh Ave., Santa Clara, California, 95051, USA.


Personally implemented complete V.O.W. (Virtual Office & Workplace) including VPN, audio & video conferencing, application sharing, and later handed off to Operation Team when those positions were finally filled.
Built entire technical infrastructure (servers, network, workstations, printers, firewalls, Internet connectivity, email, software, etc) from scratch. Successfully implemented complete wireless (“secured”) LAN and wireless mobile user (“road warrior”) infrastructure keeping our sales, technical and executive staff well connected, with up to date information, and easy, constant access to resources.


As CTO, created from the ground up an entire Technical Department. Department size averaged around 15 regular employees plus 10-20 outsourced, offshore, and contracted personnel as needed. Direct reports included: interim Development Director, Project Manager, Technical Operations Director, Support Manager, Data manager, Security Manager, Research & Development, Technical Writers, Java Developers, DBAs, Systems & Network Administrators, QA Engineering, UI, and Security Administrators. Took over as Development Director in addition to maintaining CTO position, after previous Director left company (due to H1b complications). Managed the creation, development and successful deployment of an industry revolutionary DRM (Digital Rights Management) client and server technology. This technology is becoming the preferred DRM for Barnes & Noble .com, Fatbrain, Sparks Notes, iUniverse and many others to supplement and even replace Adobe & Microsoft’s DRM technologies. Implemented complete site integration with partner sites including (but not limited to): Barnes & Noble, Fatbrain, Lightning Source / Amazon,, DevX.

Was key part of leading development team to create an industry revolutionizing DRM technology, that became in demand by Barnes & Noble (.com) family companies, Fatbrain, & Microsoft publishing (to name just a few), because of it’s superior flexibility and low customer support ratio, compared to other leading (Adobe, Glassbook, MS) DRM technologies.
Managed team of developers and administrators running a content management, e-Commerce, and co-branding system handling over 50,000 DRM managed PDF documents for sale, 100,000+ supporting images, over 150 distribution partner sites & over 5,000 content providers.
Worked regularly with Barnes & Noble, Fatbrain, and other partners on many content management & ecommerce related projects.
Architected & administrated many “N-tier” environments on different scales as fit traffic and uptime requirements.
The experience listing below is not listed as keywords or “buzzwords”, but indicate real world working experience. I designed, purchased, and configured the systems listed, as well as worked with contractors, and later transitioned them to other employees as I hired them to fill the pre-planned positions, all under budget, and ahead of project schedule.


Sun e220r (20+ systems),A1000 (4), D1000 (4), E450 (1), Ultra 10 (25+), Netscreen 10
VA Linux systems (20+), Cisco Catalyst 19xx series, Dell 1400 series servers, PPTP, IPSEC, Veritas, Cybersource, Solaris 7, Oracle 8.1.6 & 8.1.7, MySQL, Postgresql, ACS, (Arsdigita Community System & CMS), Aolserver, Tomcat 3, Apache, CVS, Bugzilla,
MS SQL 2000, Exchange 2000 (Exchange/Outlook, IMAP, POP, SMTP), ADS, MS Windows 2000 Advanced Server, MS Project 2000 & MS Project 2000 Central Server,
Redhat, Mandrake & VA Linux 6.2 through 7.2, Qmail, Ipchains, Poptop Server, SMB,
Cupsd, Mixed user environment of Linux & Windows 2000 Pro desktops & laptops,
CDPD (AT&T Wireless & Verizon Wireless), Ricochet services (until their demise),
Optistreams & Hughes Satellite Internet Satellite services (1.8Mbps down, 90Kbps up completely landline free system), Spread spectrum wireless T1.



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