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2000 - Franklin Covey

by Hawke Robinson published Sep 06, 2016 10:37 PM, last modified Sep 06, 2016 10:37 PM
Web resume of work for Franklin Covey Incorporated contract from July 2000, to September 2000.

2000, July to 2000, September

Systems Architect and Technology Consultant (Independent Contractor)

Franklin Covey eCommerce, Planner, & Online Learning


Architect, design, & assist in implementation of development, staging, QA, and production environments for eCommerce, online Planning, Online Training, Device Synchronization, colo & hosting providers, as well as other services.
Worked in key roles developing the Franklin Covey Online Training program.


Designed entire architecture & documentation for complete implementation plan, purchased & installed hardware and software, configured, documented, and detailed ongoing maintenance and growth plans for project to complete after finishing my contract term.


Sun Microsystems e4500's, e420r's, e220r's, e450's, Ultra 10's, x86 multi cpu systems (for Linux), BigIP + SSL, Cabletron SSR2000, SSR8000, Nokia 650 VPN/Firewall, A1000 RAID arrays, and many other components.
Software included: Solaris 2.7, Windows 2000 Server, Redhat 6.2, Allaire JRUN 3, Allaire ColdFusion 4.51 for NT, Coldfusion for Solaris, Oracle 8i, IIS, Apache, Visual Source Safe, Rational Clear Quest, qmail, ssl, Fusion one synchronization services.

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