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Caveat Emptor Callum Laing and Veblen Directors workshops

by Hawke Robinson published Oct 03, 2023 09:35 AM, last modified Oct 03, 2023 09:34 AM
Caveat emptor. $5,000-10,000+ USD you pay to Veblen Directors for "opportunity" to work as board of directors apprentice (unpaid, non-voting) for at least one year.

A lot of red flags, though not as clear as some of the other more obvious scams I've pointed out before. It has only been online a year and they have not significant history prior to August 2023.

It also looks like they may be using reputation management / scrubbing services.

And the various fraud check sites have no information on them.

So. It is possible they are legit, but there are a lot of red flags right now.

Also this person has a questionable history, though he makes his own good points about mistakes to learn from which _might_ be legit. But this doesn't pass the smell test at this time.

We will see over the coming years if this is another pump and dump.

Whois: only around for a little over a year so far: Creation Date: 2022-08-30T04:08:15Z
"“There was so much !@#$#@ during that period you couldn’t jump over it. You didn’t know what to believe. If I’d have listened to Jeremy Harbour and Callum Laing I’d be sitting in the same hole as the other agency owners.” Come March, faced with a share price dipping below €1 for the first time and a financial performance that failed to match the hype, it emerged that Harbour and the other Unity board directors had gone." "As the year came to an end there was one bit of advice that was coming through loud and clear. We needed to step down from the Board and bring in some ‘professionals’ to restore investor confidence."..."One decision to trust someone that turned out to be untrustworthy cost us $250 million in market capitalization, but it actually cost us far more in opportunity. It was an expensive lesson. However, the real cost would be far higher if we didn’t learn from it and push forward to continue what we started. Every small business we work with has been through it’s own version of this rollercoaster and the best come out the other side stronger and more determined than ever. We are lucky enough to be able to work with those businesses, compare war stories and then push forward using everything we have learnt to take them to the next level. And that is the most important business decision we can make. Author: Callum Laing. Callum Laing is a Partner at Unity Group Private Equity and is also World Business Angel High Commissioner for Singapore."