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1998/01 - 1998/06. Chief Information Officer (CIO). PC Easy Inc.

by Hawke Robinson published Sep 07, 2016 07:15 PM, last modified Nov 21, 2023 11:35 PM
Web resume of Hawke Robinson's work experience at PC Easy Incorporated as Chief Technology Officer and Lead Developer.

Chief Information Officer
Director of Technical Operations
Lead Technician & Administrator
Lead Developer (Java)
Oracle & MS-SQL Database Administrator
Salaried Employee
January 1998-June 1998
PC Easy Computers & Services
Salt Lake City, Utah


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Statistics, Roles, & Responsibilities


Company Project(s) Manager (included up to multi-million dollar projects design).
Design, implement, and maintain many remote clients' networks (LAN/WAN/RAS/VPN/Intranet/Extranet). Order, configure, and assist support of ADSL and ISDN lines for clients. Increased system custom build productivity from 5-8 systems per tech, per day, to 20-40 systems per tech, per day. Troubleshoot system and network LAN/WAN/Intranet issues. Develop, implement, program, and maintain customer support procedures, apps, system & databases using VB & Access, PERL, and Java.
Larger clients included: Salt Lake City Corporation, Salt Lake Gateway Project, University of Utah (various educational and research departments), Certified Careers Institute, JH & Assoc. Engineering, various medical offices, various educational facilities various law firms, various smaller government agencies.
Responsibilities included hiring, releasing, training, and managing as many as 12 employees at a time (mostly technical personnel, and some sales reps). Creating and complying to technical budget. Acquiring, and fulfilling client contracts, creating and growing market reach. Creating documented system build process, support process/escalation methods, purchasing/inventory processing, employee training and certification programs, instructional courses (technical, up to 20 students).