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RPG Research - Software Development Director

by Hawke Robinson published Dec 04, 2021 12:20 PM, last modified Nov 19, 2023 06:56 PM
Summary of my experience as the Software Development Director at RPG Research for the Brain-Computer Interface projects.

01/2019 - Current
Director of Research and Development: Software and Hardware
RPG Research - Spokane, WA
MARKET: Research and Development, Accessibility, Neurosciences, EEG, BCI, Games, Software Development, Hardware Development.

Building staff from the ground up in 2017, now over 200 volunteer staff members across 6 continents in many roles. In the software development department, Director of Software Development, lead for software development team of 10 to 15 developers working on Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) ERPG multi-user online turn-based system.
Instructor Lego Mindstorms Robotics Camps – Saint George’s School – After school and summer camp programs. 2010-2012.

RPG Research is a 501(c)3 non-profit research & human services organization with over 150+ staff across 6 continents.

• Github
• Twine
• Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, Bash
• Visual Studio Code
• Godot, GD Script
• Autora Toolset, NWN:EE server
• Jitsi
• Matrix
• Odoo / Open ERP
• Ubuntu Linux, CentOS Linux, OpenBSD
• /
• Apache, Nginx, Httpd server (centos)
• Flowcharts, UML, Unit test design