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IT and CS Related Highlights

by Hawke Robinson published Dec 04, 2021 11:40 AM, last modified Nov 19, 2023 06:57 PM
This page provides a bullet list of highlights from my Information Technology / Computer Sciences career.
  • Exceptional history turning technology, education, healthcare, recreational, and media organizations around from startup or running “in the red”, to successfully running “in the black” within 6 to 18 months by bringing effective paradigm shifting approaches that achieve exceptional leading innovation and profitability.

  • 10+ years healthcare and mental health hands-on and leadership experience.

  • 10+ years recreation therapy leadership and hands-on experience.

  • Fortune 100 & 500 technology hands-on and leadership experience with 10,000+ employees, as well as high-growth startups, designing and personally building infrastructure and department staffing from the ground up.

  • 10+ years regularly working with multi-national teams in many disciplines across 6 continents.

  • 10+ years leadership & hands-on technology experience.

  • 10+ years as educator and trainer in a wide range of verticals and knowledge domains.

  • 10+ years research and development (R&D) experience in multiple disciplines.

  • 10+ years community programs leadership and hands-on experience for ages two through senior adults, with a wide range of functional and disability levels.

  • 10+ years providing education and training, in-person and remote.

  • 10+ years R&D games, game design, effective gamification, not just limited token economies.

  • Asses, plan, implement, and evaluate a wide range of mental health, broader healthcare, community, and research projects used to help improve participants functioning and quality of life across the whole bio-psycho-social continuum.

  • Successfully designed, prototyped, built, and delivered under budget, and on time, a platform supporting 20,000+/second concurrent users including audio, video, events, games, & chat services for international live events.

  • Improved company’s client SLA compliance (previously 10%+ in violation to less than 0.1% per month), response times (8 hours to less than 1 hour), annual up times (98% to 99.98%), and efficacy of staff hours across all departments (tickets completed per hour increased 80%).

  • Managed annual IT budgets of more than $20M/year.

  • Increased profitability through decreasing IT monthly budgets from $3M/month to $300k/mo while improving staffing, infrastructure, site performance, UX, traffic concurrent capacity, content catalog, competitiveness, innovation, and sales.

  • Achieved & maintained 99.999% up times at multiple organizations.

  • Exceeded timeline & budget expectations for creating entire startup IT departments staffing & infrastructure from scratch in less than 3 to 6 months (varied from company to company), from 0 to 35+ direct-hire IT and development staff and 20 to 100 off-shore staff.

  • Performed security and performance audits on multinational infrastructure companies with hundreds of servers worldwide, supporting more than 10,000 employees and millions of online users.

  • Implemented complete Single Sign On (SSO) public web-based events integration with Zoom, Wordpress, Miniorange, Discord, Uscreen, Grenadine, AWS, MediaWiki, and many other products and services, with Gluu enterprise centralized identity management, including SCIM, SAML, LDAP, Kerberos, oAuth, and related technologies.

  • Integrated centralized identity management, access control, and subscriber/ticket levels with Jitsi and Zoom online convention and panel events, up to 20,000 concurrent live users.

  • Managed local departments with 100+ technical staff, & multi-national remote 100+ staff.

  • 10+ years extensive experience designing and implementing international virtual office remote worker telecommuting infrastructure and programs. Implemented virtual office and workplace (VOW), including audio, video, and text chat, whiteboard, file management, VPN, granular access control, and remote teleworker programs, for scores of companies since 1996.

  • Video chat implementations and customization since 1996 including: CuSeeMe with self-hosted White Pine Reflector, custom-coded self-created Java applet, Purple P3 (video for ASL interpreters), Jitsi, Zoom, Skype, G+, and dozens of other third-party video conferencing solution implementations. Deployed and customized multiple Jitsi implementations for non-profit and for-profit organizations and events, supporting tens of thousands concurrent users.

  • Text chat implementations since 1979 (BBSes, IRC, MUD/MUSH, and scores of others).

  • Diverse experience with e-commerce, IaaS, SaaS, Paas, DevOps, & more.

  • Industry expertise in: IT & InfoSec, automotive, cloud services, e-commerce, education, energy, entertainment, events, healthcare & medical, media streaming, non-profits, publishing, recreation, teleworker, telehealth, video conferencing, and software development leadership.

  • Lead multiple software development teams through entire development and launch life-cycle for small through enterprise-level projects using Java, C++, Python, Perl, and many other programming languages, with team sizes ranging from 2 through more than 100 developers.

  • 20,000% improvement in database query read speeds (from average 200 ms to less than 1 ms), and 2,000% improvement in write speeds (400 ms to less than 20 ms), on web platform database system (LAMP) through performance tuning and database normalization.

  • Demonstrated ability to simultaneously embrace macro-level strategic decisions and micro-level implementation. Managed company-level architecture, platform, data configuration processes, and implementation protocols. Coordinated third-party vendors, overseas staff, and client IT teams to seamlessly deliver effective solutions.