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2022/04 - Current. Fractional Chief Technology Officer (CTO). LLC

by Hawke Robinson published Apr 11, 2023 12:50 PM, last modified Nov 21, 2023 11:28 PM
Supply chain solutions software for end-users, distributors, manufacturers, and more.


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Statistics, Roles, & Responsibilities

Directly reporting to CEO and COO, building and management local, remote, on-and-off-shore developers and other technical staff. ManufacturingPower is a startup that provides a custom-built platform addressing urgent needs for resolving supply chain issues. Most information under NDA, here is rudimentary information allowed. Create and implement methodologies, documentation, staffing, technical resources, change control, and more.

Hands-on building and maintaining, assess, scope, design, implement, evaluate, hire, train entire IT infrastructure and staff.

Relevant daily technologies:

  • Enterprise Web Platform Development & Production: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), MongoDB (cloud, Atlas, Compass), github, Gitlab, git, Bitbucket.

  • iNSUPPLi mobile app development oversight, code review, fix code, data design, etc. iOS and Android, Goggle Cloud Platform API middleware custom nodejs, MongoDB Atlas, XCode.
  • Custom-built enterprise web application using JavaScript, ECMAScript specification standards conformance guidance (ECMA-262), Node.js, React, RESTful API, npm, nvm, Lerna, RedHat Pubsub, self-hosted and cloud-based MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas, Mongoose, MongoDB Compass, Mongo Shell, Mongo CLI, Google Cloud CLI, tokens.

  • Initial design, development supervision, and later integration of separately custom-built iNSUPPLi iOS and Android mobile application with the enterprise web platform infrastructure and datastores.

  • Gluu identity management system design, implementation, and administration for user and access management, as well as single sign on (SSO).

  • Ubuntu and Debian Linux, iOS native, Android native, XCode, Testflight.

  • Project Management tools: Atlassian: Trello, Jira, Confluence.

  • Slack, O365, MS Teams, Sharepoint, Miro, Hubspot.

  • Firebase, MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB on-prem,, Zyte.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): ERPNext, Odoo, Xwiki, Content Management Systems (CMS): Plone (Python), OpenCMS (Java), Wordpress (PHP).

  • Communications self-hosted platforms: self-hosted Matrix Homeserver (Synapse), Element-web, Element app, Jitsi, custom-coded python and JavaScript chatroom bots, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Machine Learning (ML), Neural Network / Deep Neural Network (NN / DNN), Artificial Intelligence (AI, self-hosted and developed as well as ChatGPT and other implementations).

  • Additional infrastructure planning: Gluu for centralized user repository and authentication, SSO, SAML, OAuth, OAuth2, OpenID Connect (OIDC) Federated Identity Management (FIM), fediverse communication.

  • Build self-hosted and cloud-based corporate internal infrastructure from scratch.

  • Hire and manage development and IT staff, building entire department from the ground up.