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Manual List of Open Source and Community Engagement Projects

by Hawke Robinson published Jan 31, 2024 10:30 PM, last modified Feb 11, 2024 04:14 PM
This page attempts to (re)capture the long list of opensource projects Hawke Robinson has been involved with over the decades to various degrees and impact.

 I have been online since 1979, and involved with role-playing games since around 1977.

I started programing in 1979, including electronic role-playing game tools and games, as well as other practical applications (at 9 years old).

My first paid programming gig was in 1982 (11-12 years old) for a Video Rental Store POS/Inventory software program on IBM PC.

I was highly active in the BBS and early online community, which was very open and sharing, even though most of the commercial software was closed. This was the precursor to what would become more organized open source through the efforts of Richard Stallman (GNU), Linus Torvalds (Linux), and millions of others who believed there should be more freedom in software, and that communities working together could do far more.

I went through the (very painful) challenge of my first Linux system install around 1994 with Slackware on a SCSI hard drive custom built PC. Over the years I contributed what I could while working long hours in tech and raising 3 boys, and I have been a hugely vocal and active advocate for open source and Linux ever since. I have helped innumerable companies convert much of, or even all of, their infrastructure over to open source and Linux solutions, from small mom and pop shops, to large Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between.

This page provides just a tiny fractional example of my open source, and over all community engagement efforts over the decades. Much is lost to history, and a disturbing increase in 404 errors (and forced content take downs by others), but I do what I can to capture these experiences and share with you the amazing progress in these communities.;


Open Source Projects I Have Interacted With and/or Support Directly


Many others will be added to this page over time as I stumble across them.



My Own Projects



RPG Research "Open Science By Design" - Open Source Research Repository and Projects

 World's largest free and open research repository on the effects and uses of all role-playing game formats:




 My Community Engagement User Groups


  • Spokane 2600 - (active monthly)
  • Eä Tolkien Society, and official Smial (chapter) of the U.K. Tolkien Society - (active monthly)
  • Drop In and RPG (Role-Playing Games) - (active weekly)
  • Drop in and Drum / Jam - / (active periodically)
  • Spokane American Sign Language - (active from 2006 until 2019 (COVID), trying to get it restarted soon)
  • Spokane Java User Group (before Oracle took over) (2004 (when I moved to Spokane) - 2010 (stopped after Oracle took over Java)) - (defunct)
  • Spokane Music Therapy Community Group -


Media Interviews (News Stations, Conventions, Talk Shows, etc.)


  • Hasbro's Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons Dragon Talk Show:
  • After being on their talk show, years later they included an entire chapter in their book on what we're doing!
  • KREM Channel 2 News:
  • GenConTV - 


My Various Code Repos

Unfortunately most of my paid work is NDA by the companies/employers/clients. Every now and then I talk them into letting me contribute my efforts to the open source communities, but most of my code repos have to be private and are owned by the employer/client.

So, my public repos are sporadic and sparse, but I do what I can when I can. I am generally working 80-120 hours a week unfortunately (1-2 full time jobs, plus a few side "passion projects). Depending on the employer's hourly demands at the time.


Open Source, Privacy, Security, Civil Rights, & Accessibility Advocacy

  • Tech Talk With Hawke Show on KYRS FM, Streaming, and Blog. Example Show Archives:
  • Accessibility:







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