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Hawke Enterprising d.b.a.

Welcome to the Hawke Enterprising website.

Hawke is involved in a wide variety of community, entrepreneurial, consulting, hobbyist, and volunteer endeavors. Here is a brief overview of those activities:


For more information, please feel free to contact Hawke:

  • Email: hawkenterprising at gmail dot com
  • US (509) 481-5437 (SMS text okay)



Hawke Enterprising d.b.a. is a Washington state registered service offering through Dev 2 Dev Portal LLC a Delaware company.

Dev 2 Dev Portal LLC provided V.O.W. (Virtual Office & Workplace) services.

PLEASE NOTE: Dev 2 Dev Portal LLC and Hawke Enterprising d.b.a is not currently accepting new clients.










“Hawke was an outstanding leader with the highest level of integrity. He took a rag tag team of developers and built an amazing department through coaching and leading by example. Hawke is a perfect blend of business man meets technical maven. I would recommend Hawke to any company looking for a stand-up leader, with great people skills and a broad understanding of technology.” October 4, 2008 --Brian Scardina, Co-Founder / Director Research & Development, Mightywords

“Hawke is largely responsible for the developer I am today. While at MightyWords, he sort of took me under his wing and gave me the room to expand my knowledge and make a massive impact on the technical operations of the company while providing opportunity after opportunity to let me learn, grow and put my new-found knowledge to work. His knowledge is amazingly broad and deep and he is able to see the big picture for any project and get the right people in the right places at the right time to make it all come together. On a personal level, he is one of the most generous and friendly people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. This engendered a loyalty to him that I still haven't shaken. I consider him a natural leader for all of these reasons.” August 29, 2009 --Rob Zazueta, Java Developer / QA Manager, MightyWords, Inc.

“I can unequivocally recommend Hawke Robinson as a person of high integrity and one of the very best technicians that I have ever worked with. I have worked with him on several teams and diverse projects and he has ALWAYS exceeded the expectations of the mission. His detailed knowledge and unyielding dedication make him an ideal choice for any effort on any team. One of the brightest and most dedicated individuals I have ever met, Hawke is a highly skilled technician as well as a uniquely talented individual. He demonstrates outstanding leadership abilities, an unparalleled work ethic and enjoys tremendous success in all efforts he undertakes. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, he is an extremely pleasant person to work around. I can recommend Mr. Hawke Robinson as a person and technician without reservation.” April 7, 2011 --Phillip Hillian, Technical Lead, Devon Energy