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CTO - The Fantasy Network Corp

by Hawke Robinson published Oct 07, 2020 02:13 PM, last modified Oct 07, 2020 02:13 PM
Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The Fantasy Network Corp.


Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The Fantasy Network 4.0 to 4.5 upgrade, April 2020 - Current. – Architect, PM, R&D, developer, systems & network administrator. Included Hugo Awards WorldCon 78 New Zealand, GenCon Online Film Festival (, and other international events supported on the platform. (Remote/Global).


  • Ben Dobyns (COO)



Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

The Fantasy Network Corporation (“TFN”), April 2020 - Current

4152 Meridian St, Bellingham WA 98226

Company Phone:

Vancouver: +1.778.917.5220

Seattle: +



The Fantasy Network subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service with a mission to deliver creator-owned genre television and film content in a more accessible, shareable, and discoverable way across the web and via IPTV apps on iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire, and Chrome TV.


Helped executive staff through scoping process, performed R&D of technologies, and built entire platform in my living room, migrating this live-working prototype to custom built dedicated hosting facilities. Managed development teams throughout the USA and India.


Extended platform to support live community interactive events with more than 20,000 simultaneous users in video chat, panels,film festivals, awards ceremonies.

Hosted on event platform: New Zealand WorldCon 78 CoNZealand and Hugo Awards, GenCon Film Festival, Australia Technorama, Realm Makers, & USA ZoeCon.


Working directly with CEO, as consultant, architect, PM, & as volunteer acting Chief Technology Officer, helped him scope out vision. Part-time 2016 through 2020 March. Then full-time March 2020 through August 2nd, 2020.


I created in-my-own-home working live prototypes a live-streaming media & interactive community platform, later setup at other facilities.


Under my leadership, working in close partnership with CEO, developed versions 1.x through 3.x of TFN Community & Movie Streaming Platform with bug-free releases. Part-time volunteer as acting CTO, on and off as needed October 2016 through October 2019. Had to step away October through January due to life-threatening illness (since recovered).


Asked to return in April 2020 to help them in crisis to massively extend TFN 4.x to become a full convention event platform working by July 2020, to support many smaller conventions, & the much larger WorldCon / CoNZealand. Finished final launch phase on nearly impossibly tight schedule with many added features. Platform smoothly supported live events streaming with over 20,000 active and interactive users.


More details here:


In developing architecture for TFN 1+, I personally evaluated, installed, configured, cobbled together, & prototype tested over 80 technologies, eventually whittled down to 6 core technologies & other supporting products.


As of July/August 2020, we are now working on wrapping up version 4.5.x, & scoping 5.x.


Global Events directly impacted:

* ZoeCon IV

* Technorama Australia

* Realm Makers

* 78th Annual WorldCon / CoNZealand / Hugo Awards

* GenCon Online Film Festival


Technologies include but not limited to:

* Gluu, SSO, OAuth, OpenID, Passport, SAML, SCIM, etc.

* Odoo / OpenRPG

* Discord Integration, Application, & Bot development.

* Grenadine

* Wordpress

* Ubuntu, CentOS Linux


* Uscreen

* Patreon, Gumroad, Zoom, Jitsi, integration

* Plone

* Apache, Nginx

* MediaWiki


Collaborated with many third parties, vendors, VARs, streams providers, software developers, project managers, clients, also multiple off-shore services (India).



Events directly impacted:

* ZoeCon IV

* Technorama Australia

* Realm Makers

* 78th Annual WorldCon / CoNZealand / Hugo Awards

* GenCon Online Film Festival



Executive Management, build most of development and administration team from scratch, build infrastructure from scratch, overseas developer contract negotiation and management, stakeholders scoping and negotiations, project management, Github, Gluu, OpenERP, Odoo, SSO, SAML, SCIM, OAuth, API, Single Sign On (SSO), Linux, 0Auth, MediaWiki, Information Security, Wordpress, Patreon, Incident Handling, Information Security Audit, firewall, Intrusion Detection System, Project Management, Networking and Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP), Security Audit, Research and Development, Risk Management, Systems Administrator, Network Administration, Computer system administration, CI/CD. Software development and requirement analysis, Microsoft, Public Communication. Multiple cloud technologies. Uscreen, Jwplayer, Mux, AWS.